The backup Script

Valid for versions 82 through the latest version



Last modified: May 13, 2020


Use the /usr/local/cpanel/bin/backup script to run a manual backup in WHM via the command line. The system reads the backup configuration file and then performs the actions defined in the file. By default, the system performs this process in the background. You can review the log file in the /usr/local/cpanel/logs/cpbackup directory.

Run a manual backup

To run a backup manually, log in to the command line via SSH as the root user and run the following command:



The /usr/local/cpanel/bin/backup script accepts the following options:

Option Description Example
debug Runs the backup in the foreground and prints its progress on the command line. --debug
force Performs an additional backup, even if the system already contains up-to-date backup files. --force
allow-override When the system performs the backup, use the pkgacct script in the the /var/cpanel/lib/Whostmgr/Pkgacct/pkgacct directory. --allow-override
help Displays additional information. --help

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