Anonymous FTP

Valid for versions 82 through the latest version



Last modified: May 5, 2021


This interface lets you define how anonymous users interact with your FTP server. Anonymous FTP users can connect to your FTP server without a password. You can use this feature to make content publicly available for download.

When users log in to FTP anonymously, they must use the [email protected] username, where represents your domain’s name. This requirement directs the server to the correct public_ftp directory.

  • This interface is only available if your hosting provider enables FTP services and anonymous FTP.
  • If an anonymous user does not include the domain name, one of the following errors will appear:
    • If the server uses the Pure-FTP FTP server, users receive a 421 Can’t change directory to /var/ftp/ error message.
    • If the server uses the ProFTP FTP server, users receive a 530 Login Authentication Failed error message.
  • For information about your FTP accounts, read our FTP Accounts documentation.

Anonymous FTP settings


We strongly recommend that you do not allow anonymous users the ability to upload files to your FTP server. This will prevent malicious software uploads, which can harm your website.

To configure the Anonymous FTP feature’s settings, perform the following steps:

  1. Select or deselect the checkboxes for the permissions that you wish to allow or deny.
  2. Click Save.

Anonymous FTP Welcome Message

You can set a message that anonymous FTP users see when they connect to your FTP server.

To set a message, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter your message in the Anonymous FTP Welcome Message text box.
  2. Click Save.

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