How to Purchase a cPanel License

Last modified: February 22, 2024


cPanel & WHM servers require a paid license from WebPros International, LLC in order to function. You must purchase a cPanel license for each cPanel & WHM server that you wish to run.

You can use the following methods to purchase a cPanel & WHM license:

  • If this is a new installation, you can activate a free 15-day trial license during initial configuration.
  • If you are a cPanel Partner with access to Manage2, you can purchase a license from within the Manage2 interface.
  • You can purchase a license from the cPanel Store. You must have a cPanel Store account with a verified email address.
  • If you develop plugins or other applications for integration with cPanel & WHM, you may be eligible for a complimentary Developer License. For more information, read our Obtain a cPanel Developer License documentation.
  • The refund period for license purchases is five days. If you wish to request a refund for a recently-purchased license, contact cPanel Customer Support.
  • This document provides information to purchase a cPanel & WHM license. You can also purchase CloudLinux™ licenses through Manage2 and the cPanel Store, but are not the same as a cPanel & WHM license. You must purchase CloudLinux licenses separately.

Purchase a license

Purchase from WHM

Log in to WHM and start the license purchase process.

  1. On the server for which you wish to purchase a license, log in to the WHM interface as the root user or as a reseller account with root-level privileges.
  2. In the Trial License banner at the top of the interface, click Purchase a License. A new interface will appear.
  • If the Trial License banner does not appear at the top of the interface, your server does not use a complimentary 15-day trial license and you cannot use this method to purchase a license.
  • WHM users who do not possess root-level privileges can view the Trial License banner, but cannot use this feature to purchase a license.

Log in to the cPanel Store.

  1. If you have already logged in to your cPanel Store account, the system will request access to this account.
  2. Verify that the interface displays the correct cPanel Store username and server name, and then click Allow Access. A new interface will appear.
  • To log in as a different cPanel Store account, click Sign In as a Different User and perform the necessary steps to log in to the desired cPanel Store account.
  • To activate a new license, you must have a cPanel Store account with a verified email address.

Verify and complete your purchase.

  1. Verify your license order. When you purchase a license through the WHM interface, the system automatically selects the appropriate license type for your server (Metal or Cloud) and detects the IPv4 address to license. Currently, you can only purchase monthly licenses through the WHM interface.
  2. Accept the legal agreements, enter or select the desired payment information, and then click Pay Now.
  3. After the cPanel Store successfully processes your order, a confirmation message will appear. You will receive an invoice email from the cPanel Store. After you successfully purchase a license, the WHM interface will no longer display the Trial License banner.

If the cPanel Store experiences problems with your order, an error message will appear. You may receive emails from cPanel Customer Service to help you resolve the issue.

Purchase from cPanel Store

Log in to the cPanel Store.

  1. Navigate to the cPanel Store and click Account Log In to log in to or create your cPanel Store account.
    • If you do not possess a cPanel Store account, you must create one and then perform the necessary steps to verify your email address before you can purchase a license. Check your email inbox for a verification request.
    • When you log in to an existing cPanel Store account, the system may prompt you to update your contact information. You must verify this contact information before you continue.
  2. After you successfully log in, click Add a Product to display the product types. In the menu, select the product type:
    • cPanel Products
    • Partner Add Ons
    • Services

A new page will appear.

Add the desired license type and IP address.

The Configure Your Order page shows the items currently in your cart along with the details for each cPanel license tier.

  1. To add a product, scroll down and click Add to Cart beneath your desired tier:
    • cPanel Solo® Cloud
    • cPanel Admin Cloud
    • cPanel Pro Cloud
    • cPanel Premier
  2. Enter the IP address for the license. The cPanel Store automatically verifies that the address is valid and not associated with another license. You must enter a new IP address for each cPanel product.
  3. After you enter all of the desired IP addresses, click Review and Checkout. A new page will appear.
  • The system automatically prorates prices for the Monthly license term.
  • Subsequent months will incur the full monthly charge.

Review your order.

The Review & Checkout page displays all of the items that you added to your shopping cart.

  1. Verify that the order includes the correct license type and IP addresses before you continue.
    • To update the license type or IP address, click Edit Order.
    • To add more products to your order, click Add a Product.
  2. After you verify the items in your shopping cart, scroll down to the Checkout section of the page.

The page displays prorated discounts and loyalty discounts for multiple licenses in green at the bottom of the item list.


In the Payment Method section, select your desired payment type, and enter the appropriate information or follow the displayed instructions to complete your payment.


Many first-time license purchasers will need to provide additional proof of identity in order to complete the purchase process. If your order requires this additional verification, cPanel Customer Support will contact you.



Before you can complete the purchase process, you must accept WebPros International, LLC’s legal agreements.

Read these agreements thoroughly, select the End User License Agreement (EULA) checkbox to signify your agreement, and then click Purchase Now.

Review your invoice.

After you click Purchase Now to finalize your order, an invoice page will appear, and the system will send a confirmation email.

You can click Print Page to print a copy of your invoice.

Purchase from Manage2

Log in to Manage2.

Log in to your Manage2 account, and then navigate to the Add License interface (Dashboard » Licenses » Add License).

Enter the required license information.

  1. In the Add License interface (Dashboard » Licenses » Add License), use the available text boxes and menus to specify the following:
    • The server’s IP address
    • Group
    • Package
    • License type and term
  2. Click Add License.
  3. A confirmation message will appear.

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