Add License

Last modified: November 16, 2020


Use the Add License interface to add licenses to your account or renew existing licenses.


When you add or renew licenses, Manage2 immediately activates the license. However, it does not create an invoice until billing runs on the 15th day of the month.

Add a license

To add or renew a license, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter the IPv4 addresses to which you wish to add a license in the IP(s) text box, with one IP address per line.

    • If you enter multiple licenses, they must use the same package type.

    • To renew existing licenses, enter the current IP addresses for those licenses.

  2. From the Group menu, select the license’s new group.

    • Click show all groups to view all of your Manage2 account’s groups.
    • Click limit groups to return to the original menu of groups.
  3. From the Package menu, select the license’s new package.

    If you select a WordPress Toolkit package, the Accounts field will appear. You must enter at least 20, and the number of accounts must be a multiple of 10.

  4. After you select the desired package and group, Manage2 will display the license’s price and product type in the Price and Product sections.

    • If you select a cPanel & WHM license package, the License Features options will appear. Always set both of these deprecated options to the Use Default (Yes) setting.
  5. Read the disclaimer about internal and external licenses.

    External licenses are only available to cPanel distributors.

  6. Click Add License.

After you add the license, Manage2 will display the license’s ID number, IPv4 addresses, group, and the eventual invoice amount.

  • To make changes to or view details for the new license, click View/Modify to navigate to the Modify a License interface (Dashboard >> Billing >> Modify a License).

  • The Account History interface (Dashboard >> Billing >> Account History) will display invoice information after the billing runs on the 15th day of the month.

If a partner wishes to modify which which groups and packages appear for their users in the Groups and Packages menus, they can use the Update My Information interface (Dashboard >> Users >> Update My Information).

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