How to Purchase a 360 Monitoring License

Last modified: January 30, 2024


360 Monitoring provides users real-time information for their internal and external system monitoring. This includes Server Monitoring for hardware processes, and Site Monitoring to verify fast, consistent performance for your audience.

For more information about how to use 360 Monitoring, visit 360 Monitoring’s official 360 Monitoring documentation page.

Purchase license from Manage2

  • To buy a 360 Monitoring license through Manage2, you must be a cPanel Partner.
  • You must activate your 360 Monitoring licenses after purchasing them. Use the activation link and code provided to you in the Manage2 interface.

Log in to Manage2 and select the desired 360 Monitoring package

  1. In the Manage2 interface, under the Licenses section, click Add Licenses.
  2. Select the Group and Package to which to add the 360 Monitoring license.
  3. Select the number of Site Monitors and Server Monitors for the license.
  4. Click Add Licenses.

A success message will appear with the activation code at the top of the Manage2 interface.

  • You can copy the code for your records and follow the link to activate your 360 Monitoring license.
  • You will also receive an email at the address associated with the account with more details about your license.

For more information, read the Manage2 Add License documentation.

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