How to Manage Spam in Roundcube

Last modified: March 27, 2024


Roundcube 1.5 and higher provide features to help you manage spam messages you receive. This document explains how to use these features.

The Junk folder

When you create a new email account, the system creates both the Junk and spam system directories. Roundcube uses the spam system directory for spam messages but displays them in the Junk folder with the flame icon (Roundcube flame).

The Junk/Not junk button

The Junk and Not junk buttons in the upper-right section of the top menu bar train SpamAssassin™ to recognize spam and ham. When you select a message in a non-Junk folder to mark as spam, the Junk button (Junk) becomes active. When you select a message in the Junk folder to mark as ham, the Not junk button (Not junk) becomes active.

Mark a message as spam

To mark a message as spam, select the message in any folder other than the Junk folder. Click Junk to mark the message as spam and move it to the Junk folder.

Mark a message as ham

To mark a message as ham, select the message in the Junk folder. Click Not junk to mark the message as ham and move it out of the Junk folder.

The Empty Junk button

The Empty Junk button (Empty Junk) allows you to remove all the messages in the Junk folder at once. The Empty Junk button appears above the messages in the Junk folder once you select that folder. When you click the Empty Junk button, Roundcube moves the messages in the Junk folder to the Trash folder.

To empty the Junk folder:

  1. Select the Junk folder, then click Empty.
  2. A dialogue box appears. Click Delete to remove all of the messages in the Junk folder.
  • To remove messages completely, you must delete them in the Trash folder after you remove them with the Empty Junk button.
  • The Empty Junk button does not appear in the original Roundcube interface skin or in the mobile Roundcube interface.

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