Calendars and Contacts in Webmail

Valid for versions 120 through the latest version



Last modified: April 19, 2024


This section of the Webmail interface has features that allow you to set up, manage, and share your calendars and contacts.

Calendars and Contacts Management

Use this interface to display, create, delete, and rename calendars and address books. For more information, read our Calendars and Contacts Management documentation.

Calendars and Contacts Configuration

Use this interface to get the information you need to set up your calendars and contacts on a mobile device or desktop system. For more information, read our How to Set Up Calendars and Contacts documentation.

Calendars and Contacts Sharing

Use this interface to share calendars and address books with other email users in your domain. For more information, read our Calendars and Contacts Sharing documentation.

Additional Documentation