Webmail Clients

Valid for versions 108 through the latest version



Last modified: November 30, 2022


Webmail clients provide access to your Webmail email account. They may also include features like calendars and other Webmail services.


cPanel & WHM ships with the Roundcube Webmail client. If you have installed other third-party Webmail clients, they may also appear in the Webmail interface.


Roundcube logo

Use the Roundcube Webmail client to sort, view, and send email. It’s useful if you need a friendly-to-use interface with additional spam-related features. Roundcube also includes mobile email access.

Automatically open inbox

Select the Open my inbox when I log in checkbox in the Webmail interface to automatically open Roundcube when you log in to Webmail.

Roundcube features

The information below offers new Webmail users a brief overview of the features available in Roundcube. For a full list of features, visit the Roundcube website.

Feature type Features
Interface type
Composition features
  • Attachments
  • HTML composition
  • Spell check
Organization features
  • Drag-and-drop organization
  • Email archiving
  • Folder manipulation
  • Message flags
  • Search mail
  • Threaded conversation view
Additional features
  • Address book
  • Bulk spam-removal
  • Calendar
  • Sender identities
  • Spam marking/unmarking
  • System administrators can use plugins to add custom features.

Interface mode

Roundcube supports the light and dark interface modes.

Initially, Roundcube uses the interface mode set by your web browser. If the browser sets the dark interface mode, Roundcube displays the dark mode. If the browser does not set an interface mode, Roundcube displays the light mode.

You can also set the interface mode via the Dark mode (Roundcube Dark mode) or Light mode (Roundcube Light mode) icon in the lefthand menu bar. The browser remembers the setting the next time you log in to Roundcube.

Other clients

Use other third-party clients by using the Mail Client Manual Settings. To automatically open your third-party client when you log in to Webmail, perform the following steps:

  1. Select Configure Mail Client from the Other Webmail Features section in the Webmail interface.
  2. Check for an automatic configuration script in the Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts section. Currently, cPanel provides automatic configuration scripts for the following applications:
    • iOS for iPhone/iPad/iPod
    • MacOS MailĀ®
    • Windows Live MailĀ®
  3. If an automatic configuration script is available, click your selected security protocol to proceed.
  4. If your intended Webmail client does not come with an automatic configuration script, proceed to the Mail Client Manual Settings interface and use the secure SSL/TLS settings to add the client. Alternatively, you may email the configuration information for your Webmail client to yourself using the Email Instructions text box.

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