Update Company Information

Last modified: February 22, 2024


This interface allows you to view or update your company information.


For security purposes, WebPros International, LLC will only discuss account information with contacts that you enter in this interface. If you wish to allow additional people to receive company information or to make changes to your account, add their names and contact details with this interface.

Update your company information

To update your company’s information, modify the appropriate information and click Save.

  • You cannot update the Company Name and DBA sections. If you wish to update this information, click Contact Us at the top right corner of the interface to contact Customer Service.
  • You cannot use commas to add multiple names, email addresses, or phone numbers in a text box. Create a new contact set for each contact you wish to add.
  • Use the Company Domains text box to list domains that will automatically receive enterprise-level support from WebPros International, LLC. Add only the domains that are directly associated with your company. The tickets that you open from these domains will count toward your support usage.

cPanel Store Integration

The cPanel Store Integration options allow you to enable or disable the ability to obtain the following items from the cPanel Store:

  • Paid SSL certificates, including DV, EV, and OV certificates.
  • Free dedicated hostname certificates.
  • Free certificates covering all domains on a single cPanel & WHM server.

To disable the cPanel Store Integration options, select the checkbox for the service that you wish to block and click Save.

Sales Options

cPanel & WHM can display the following product banners for purchase using the Sales Options interface:

  • CloudLinux™
  • KernelCare
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • ImunifyAV+
  • Imunify360
  • JetBackup
  • cPanel License
  • WP Toolkit for a cPanel account
  • WP Toolkit for a server

In each product’s Purchase menu, select one of the following options

  • Do Not Sell - Select this option if you do not sell the product.
  • cPanel Store - Select this option to display the purchase banner with a link to the cPanel Store.
  • Custom Store - Select this option to enable the Enter Custom URL text box. Enter the desired custom link to display the product purchase banner with a link to your online marketplace.

    The Enter Custom URL text box requires the full desired URL path. For example, to display a purchase banner for CloudLinux on example.com, enter example.com/products/purchase-cloud-linux/.

To disable a banner, select Disable and click Save.

Public profile information


This interface does not update your Partner NOC information. To update your Partner NOC information:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard interface.
  2. Click Profile at the top of the interface.
  3. Select Edit Partner NOC Profile. A new browser tab will appear.
  4. Click Brands Dashboard.

To add a logo, send a high resolution image of the logo to Customer Service.

  • Vector (AI/EPS) graphics scale easily, but you can send any type of high resolution image file.
  • Your logo cannot include banners, advertisements, or price information. We will only accept company logos.

Use the following format when you send your logo:

Subject:  Company logo for cPanel Partner Search

Message Body:

 Company Name


 Logo Graphic

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