List Suspended Accounts

Valid for versions 92 through the latest version



Last modified: January 5, 2023


This feature lists your server’s suspended accounts and allows you to unsuspend or terminate an account. You can suspend both users and individual domains.

When you suspend an account or domain, the system disables their passwords. This feature is useful if a user fails to comply with your terms of service or they fail to pay their bill for service.

Suspended domains

The table of accounts displays the following columns:

  • Domain — Displays the suspended domain.
  • User — Displays the cPanel account that owns the domain.
  • Owner — Displays the reseller who owns the account. This column may display root if no reseller accounts exist on the server.
  • Date Suspended — Displays the date and time of the account’s suspension.
  • Reason — Displays the reason for account suspension, if the WHM user who suspended the account entered a reason.
  • Locked — Displays whether a system administrator has locked the suspension. Only the root user or users with root-level privileges can unsuspend a locked account.

How to suspend and unsuspend accounts

Click one of the following options to unsuspend or terminate an account:

  • Unsuspend — To unsuspend an account, click Unsuspend. To keep service proxying, select the Retain Service Proxying checkbox. Most users do not need to select this checkbox.

  • Terminate — To terminate an account, click Terminate. For more information, read our Terminate Accounts documentation.


    If you terminate an account, the system permanently removes it. Be sure that you wish to permanently delete the account and all the account’s data.

For more information about how to suspend and unsuspend accounts, read our Manage Account Suspension documentation.

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