Purchase and Install an SSL Certificate

Valid for versions 90 through the latest version



Last modified: June 13, 2024


This interface allows you to log in to a user’s cPanel interface to purchase an SSL certificate for them through cPanel’s SSL/TLS Wizard interface (cPanel » Home » Security » SSL/TLS Wizard). The interface displays a list of cPanel accounts on the server and their primary domain names.

This interface automatically enables the following required features to purchase and install SSL certificates from cPanel’s SSL/TLS Wizard interface (cPanel » Home » Security » SSL/TLS Wizard) for the user:

  • cPanel Market — market
  • SSL Host Installer — sslinstall
  • SSL/TLS Wizard — tls_wizard

For more information, read WHM’s Feature Manager documentation.

CAA records

Certificate Authority Authentication (CAA) records in the domain’s zone file restrict which Certificate Authorities (CA) may issue certificates for that domain. If no CAA records exist for a domain, all CAs can issue certificates for that domain. If conflicting CAA records already exist, remove the existing CAA records or add one for the desired CA.

For example, a CAA record for Let’s Encrypt™ would resemble the following example, where example.com represents the domain name:

CODEexample.com. 86400 IN CAA 0 issue "letsencrypt.org"

You can manage CAA records through WHM’s DNS Zone Manager (WHM » Home » DNS Functions » DNS Zone Manager) or through cPanel’s Zone Editor interface (cPanel » Home » Domains » Zone Editor).

For more information about a CA’s requirements, read their documentation.

Purchase a certificate

To purchase a certificate, perform the following steps:

  1. Locate the domain for which to purchase an SSL certificate and click Go to cPanel. A message will appear in the upper right corner of the interface.
  2. In the message, click Purchase SSL. The system will redirect you to cPanel’s SSL/TLS Wizard interface (cPanel » Home » Security » SSL/TLS Wizard).
  3. Follow the directions in our SSL/TLS Wizard documentation to purchase and install the SSL certificate.
  • Use your own credentials to log in to the cPanel Store, not the cPanel user’s credentials.
  • The system sends the purchase notices to the cPanel user’s contact address. If the site owner did not configured a contact address, the system will send the notice to the purchaser.

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