Email All Users

Valid for versions 82 through the latest version



Last modified: March 25, 2024


This interface enables you to email every cPanel user simultaneously. This feature is useful, for example if your server will be down temporarily for maintenance or if you need to contact users about security issues.

Email users

To email your users, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter your information for the Sender Name, Sender Email, Subject, and Message Body text boxes.
  2. Select the Send Email to Resellers’ Customers as well. checkbox if you want to also email the resellers’ customers.
    To send a message to resellers only, use the Email All Resellers interface (WHM » Home » Account Functions » Email All Resellers).
  3. Click Send. The first time you click Send, the page refreshes. Use this time to review the information that you entered.
  4. To send the email, click Send again. The following items appear when the email sends:
    • A list of recipients, including the username and email address of each recipient.
    • The Emails have been sent! message.
      You must click Send again to send the email.

To review email activity, use the appropriate cPanel & WHM log file.

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