Show MySQL Processes

Valid for versions 82 through the latest version



Last modified: August 9, 2022


This interface lists all of the processes that currently run on any database on your server.

Process information

The interface displays this information in the following columns:

  • Id — The Process ID.

    • Linux systems assign a unique process identification number to every process and application.
  • User — The user that executed the process on the database.

  • Host — The client’s hostname and the port from which the process executed. For example, Host:0000

  • db — The database on which the process runs.

    • This column displays NULL if the process does not run on a database.
  • Command — The type of command that the system issued to the database.

  • Time — The time, in seconds, that the process has remained in its current state.

  • State — The action, state, or event of the process.

  • Info — The text of the statement that the process currently executes.

    • If the process does not execute a statement, this column displays NULL.
    • This column may display a statement sent to the server, or an inner statement to execute other statements.

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