Sitejet Builder Release Notes

Last modified: February 14, 2024


The following cPanel & WHM versions support the Sitejet Builder plugin:

  • cPanel & WHM version 110
  • cPanel & WHM version 116 and later

Sitejet Builder version 1.1.0-3

Released February 2024

We added the ability to interact with the website preview. You can now scroll, click, and explore the site functionality as it will behave when published.

Sitejet Builder version 1.0.1-45

Released January 2024

With the Sitejet Builder plugin, you can create and design a website directly in your web browser for your domain. Sitejet Builder is fully integrated with the Sitejet Website Builder (CMS) website. You can use the Sitejet Website Builder (CMS) to create a website for your domain. Then, you can publish it with your cPanel account.

Sitejet Website Builder (CMS) allows you to personalize the appearance of your website with a drag-drop editor or start from scratch and build your website from the ground up. Every template is fully customizable.

The Sitejet Builder interface (cPanel » Home » Domains » Sitejet Builder) lists all the domains associated with your account. Use this interface to view and manage the websites created for your domains with the Sitejet Website Builder (CMS). If you have an existing website, you can use this interface to build a new website for your domain with Sitejet.

New UAPI functions

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