Locale XML Upload

Valid for versions 82 through the latest version



Last modified: September 27, 2021


This feature allows you to upload a locale in XML format to your server. After you upload a locale, your users can select it from within the cPanel interface.

  • If the locale does not already exist on your server, the system creates all necessary files.
  • If the locale exists on your server, the system performs the following actions:
    • Core files — The system only adds keys from the XML data that do not already exist. The system does not overwrite any keys.
    • Local edit files — The system overwrites keys on the server with the XML data, and adds any keys that do not already exist.

Upload an XML File

To upload an existing locale, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Choose File.
  2. Select the XML file that you wish to upload.
  3. Click Upload to complete the process.

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