Edit System Mail Preferences

Valid for versions 82 through the latest version



Last modified: June 30, 2021


This interface allows you to set up email forwarders from your system email accounts to another email account.

System email forwards

We recommend that you forward the system email accounts to a cPanel email account. For example, you can forward email for the nobody and cpanel system email accounts to the root account, and then forward email from the root system email account to another email account on the system.

If you forward a system email account to a cPanel username, WHM forwards the email for the system account to that cPanel account’s default email address. To check this mail, click Access Webmail under the Default Email Account heading in cPanel’s Email Accounts interface (cPanel » Home » Email » Email Accounts).

System email accounts

WHM sends notifications about your server status and events to system email accounts.

  • You cannot use cPanel’s Webmail feature to access the system email accounts.
  • If you do not forward email for these accounts, use your root WHM password with a mail client to log in to each system email account.

The following table describes each of the system email accounts:

System email account name Description Default system email account address
root The root system email account receives notifications about problems and activity on the server. WHM uses this address as the server administrator’s primary contact address.
The system configuration determines where the email for the root account goes if you do not forward the root system email account’s email.
[email protected]
nobody If you disable the suEXEC feature, when a CGI script sends an email and it receives a bounce message in response, the system delivers the bounce message to the nobody email account. [email protected]
cpanel The cpanel email account receives alerts that WHM sends about users’ cPanel accounts (for example, quota and bandwidth overage notices). [email protected]
  • In the table above, hostname.example.com is your server’s hostname.

  • To configure your server’s hostname, use WHM’s Change Hostname interface (WHM » Home » Networking Setup » Change Hostname).

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