WP Toolkit for cPanel

Valid for versions 102 through the latest version



Last modified: May 31, 2024



Your hosting provider must enable several features in WHM’s Feature Manager interface (WHM » Home » Packages » Feature Manager » Feature Lists) for you to run WP Toolkit.

The WP Toolkit interface allows you to easily manage your account’s WordPress® installations.


The Onboarding Assistant automatically creates a WordPress® website for the new cPanel account if the user selects the WordPress option.

WP Toolkit is also available in a Deluxe version. To view the differences between WP Toolkit and WP Toolkit Deluxe, read our WP Toolkit documentation.

Install, configure, and manage WordPress sites

For information about how to install, configure, and manage WordPress sites with WP Toolkit, read Plesk’s WP Toolkit documentation.

Additional Documentation