List Parked Domains

Valid for versions 82 through the latest version



Last modified: June 13, 2024


A parked domain (or alias) points to the contents of another domain. You may assign multiple domain names to point to your domain with parked domains.

For example, a systems administrator can park the domain on the domain. When users visit in a web browser, the system will display the contents of domain. However, the browser’s address bar will display the domain.

List of parked domains

This interface contains the following information about the server’s parked domains:

  • Primary Domain — Displays the main domain on which the parked domains reside.
  • User — Displays the parked domains’ owners.
  • Parked Domains — Displays the parked domains’ domain names.
  • Action — The actions to perform on a parked domain.
    • Click Unpark to un-park a domain.
    • Click Add to Mail Config to allow the parked domains to accept email messages.

To deny users the ability to park on specific domains, add the domain that you wish to block to the following file:


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