List Subdomains

Valid for versions 82 through the latest version



Last modified: June 13, 2024


Subdomains function as URLs for different sections of a website. For example, the domain may contain the subdomain for its documentation section; this may be easier for visitors to remember than the domain.

List of subdomains

This interface displays a list of subdomains. Use the Search text box to search for a domain, user, subdomain, addon domain, or parked domain. You can also sort each column alphabetically.

  • Domain — Displays the main domain for the subdomain.
  • User — Displays the owner of the subdomain.
  • Subdomain — Displays the domain name of the subdomain.
  • Addon or Parked Domain — Displays the addon domain or parked domain (or alias), if the subdomain owns one. For more information about addon or parked domains (or aliases), read our read our Domains or Park a Domain documentation.

You can click Unpark to remove an addon or parked domain.

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