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Valid for versions 118 through the latest version





Last modified: December 7, 2023



If the Manage Team feature does not appear, ask your hosting provider to enable it in WHM’s Feature Manager interface (WHM » Home » Package » Feature Manager).

The Manage Team interface allows you to create and manage team users as part of the Manage Team feature. These team users are able to assist with managing domains, email accounts, and databases.

The team owner is the cPanel account that owns the team. A team user is a virtual account that exists under the team owner’s account.

This interface consists of the following:

  1. Manage Team account quota status.
  2. The Create a Team User interface.
  3. List of team users.
  4. The View Audit Log interface.

Manage Team account quota status

This area of the interface provides details about your Manage Team account quotas. It displays the current number of team users with roles. It also lists maximum number of team users with roles you can create. You can create an unlimited number of team users without roles.


The default maximum number of team users with roles is seven. Only a root user can adjust this value to a lower number. See our documentation on the WHM Edit a Package interface for more information.

Create a team user

To create a team user, click Create Team User. A new interface will appear. It displays the basic information, security information, and the roles configuration for the account.

For more information, read our Create a Team User documentation.

List of team users

This table includes a list of team users associated with your Manage Team account. Click a column’s heading to sort the results of the table by that heading. The table will sort the list in ascending or descending order.

  • Click the more (More) icon to view more information about a team user account. This will display the following information:

    • Restriction Information — If the team user is suspended, the interface will display the date of the suspension and the reason for the suspension. If the team user is set to expire on a specific date, the interface will display the date of the expiration and the reason for the expiration. If the team owner does not provide a reason for suspension or expiration, these fields will be blank.
    • Account Information — The team user’s login username, relevant notes about the team user, the last login date, and the creation date of the account. The interface will display the time and date according to the team owner’s locale.
    • Team Information — The roles assigned to the team user. The following roles are available for team users:
      Role Description
      Administrator This role enables a team user to access high-level tools and modify files in the team owner’s cPanel account. It includes all privileges connected to each of the other roles.
      Database This role enables a team user to access tools and modify files related to database management for the team owner’s cPanel account, such as MySQL Manager.
      Email This role enables a team user to access tools and modify files related to email administration for the team owner’s cPanel account, such as email routing and mailing lists.
      Web This role enables a team user to access tools and modify files related to website functionality, such as Sitejet Builder, Wordpress Toolkit, and bandwidth.
    • Security Information — The contact email address for the team user.
  • The actions column — Click to perform the following actions:

    • Edit User — Click to edit the account information for the team user.
    • Suspend — Click to suspend the team user account.
    • Delete — Click to delete the team user account.

Edit a team user

To edit an existing team user, click Edit User in the Actions section. A new interface will appear. A team owner can edit details such as password settings and roles for a team user.

For more information, read our Edit a Team User documentation.

Suspend a team user

To block a user from accessing the account, the team owner can suspend the team user.

  • Suspension will prevent that user from accessing anything from within the cPanel interface.
  • You cannot change the password for a suspended team user.
  • Suspended users will count towards the maximum allowed accounts for Manage Team if they have a role assigned.

To suspend a team user, click Suspend in the Actions section.

To remove a team user from suspension, click Unsuspend in the Actions section.

Delete a team user

Deleting a team user will remove that user from the team. Deleted users will not count against the maximum number of accounts for Manage Team.


You cannot undo this action.

To delete a team user, perform the following steps:

  1. Locate the team user in the list and click Delete. A confirmation window will appear.
  2. To confirm, click Delete.

View audit log


To view the Audit Log, your system administrator must select the Enable cPanel API Log setting in the Tweak Settings interface (WHM » Home » Server Configuration » Tweak Settings » Logging).

The Audit Log allows team owners to track team user actions that use the API. The Audit Log interface (cPanel » Home » Preferences » Manage Team » Audit Log) displays these actions. Click View Audit Log to open the interface.

For more information, read our Audit Log documentation.

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